1.29 – Academic Success & Studying History (first half of class)

In today’s class, we will discuss how to achieve academic success as well as the importance of studying History.

Assignment #1First writing assignment – due by class-time on Jan. 29 – 1% of final grade

Write one or more single-spaced page answering these questions (you may copy and paste the questions into the document):

[1] What are some of the behaviors or characteristics of excellent students?

 [2] What are some of the behaviors or characteristics of excellent professors?

 [3] What are some of the characteristics of excellent courses?

 [4] In your view, how does having a liberal arts education benefit someone?

[5] In your view, why are many people  _not_ interested in studying History? 

[6] Why is it valuable to study History? Why should we study History?

Email the assignment to me prior to class.

I am interested in reading your thoughts for this assignment, but if you would like to read others’ opinions on some of these questions, check the articles below.

Benefits of a liberal arts education

Carol Christ, “Myth: A Liberal Arts Education is becoming Irrelevant”

G. Anders, “The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts”

C. Madsjberg, “Silicon Valley Needs to Get Schooled”

For a defense of the Liberal Arts that focuses on how studying them enables one to live a more fulfilling life, I recommend Excellent Sheep.

Value of studying History

James Grossman, “History isn’t a ‘Useless’ Major”

Peter Stearns, “Why study History?

Here is a brief, interesting piece written by the Boston University History Department dispelling some of the myths used to downplay the merits of studying history.


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