5.7 – Clinton & the 1990s / The Information Age

Readings for the 1990s FTR 5.2.2017 readings Douglas Copeland, 'The 1990s - the Good Decade' Kurt Anderson, “The Best Decade Ever? The 1990s, obviously” CNN, '90 moments from the 90s' Be able to identify examples of popular music artists, athletes, and actors from the 1990s. Discussion questions Why did Bill Clinton win the presidency in 1992? What were the… Continue reading 5.7 – Clinton & the 1990s / The Information Age

5.7 – The 1970s & Malaise/Reagan & the 1980s

(first section of class) The 1970s and Malaise Readings J. Stein, The 1970s History.com, The Watergate Scandal Wikipedia, The Election of 1976 Jimmy Carter, A Crisis of Confidence U.S. History.org, “The Me Decade” Discussion questions What were some of the major characteristics of American culture in the 1970s? What was the Watergate scandal? What is its… Continue reading 5.7 – The 1970s & Malaise/Reagan & the 1980s

4.23 – Women’s Rights

In the first section of today’s class, I will discuss LBJ and the Great Society before we move on to covering the Women's Rights movement(s) of the 1960s and 1970s. Readings FTR Readings 4.13.2017 L. Maren Wood, The Women’s Movement Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique (excerpt) (Optional: Ashley Fetters, ‘4 Big Problems with the Feminine Mystique’) PBS, Roe vs.… Continue reading 4.23 – Women’s Rights

4.11 – The 1960s, Vietnam War, & the Counter-Culture

The Vietnam War Selected statements of U.S. presidents on Vietnam George Kennan criticizes the war in Vietnam, 12.12.1965 Senator Fulbright’s “Arrogance of Power” speech, 1966 The United States Leaves Vietnam Discussion questions concerning the Vietnam War Conduct additional research if you wish to find additional information to answer the questions. Why did the United States go to war to defend the government… Continue reading 4.11 – The 1960s, Vietnam War, & the Counter-Culture

4.9 – Civil Rights Movement(s)

Readings Wikipedia, Civil Rights movement timeline April 6 FTR readings National Education Association, Untold No More: Latino Civil Rights Movement 1902-2009 Discussion questions: Who were some of the major leaders of the African American Civil Rights movement, and what were some of the major events and legislative accomplishments that defined its rise? What were some of the major reasons for the success of the movement… Continue reading 4.9 – Civil Rights Movement(s)

4.4 – The 1950s & Consumerism

Readings For the Record readings PBS, The Rise of American Consumerism Conduct additional research as necessary to answer the discussion questions. Discussion questions What were some of the most significant aspects of American cultural and economic life during the 1950s? How did the rise of Suburbia influence American life? What was life like for many American… Continue reading 4.4 – The 1950s & Consumerism

3.28 – The Second World War & Origins of the Cold War

[First section of class] The Second World War, part 2 Readings Richard Overy, “How the Allies Won" History.com, D-Day and the Atomic bombings and War on the Eastern Front and Battle of Okinawa U.S. Holocaust Museum, Liberating the Death Camps Matthew Magda, Review of FDR and the Creation of the U.N. Bretton Woods (continued from last class) National World War II museum, ‘America goes to war’  PBS, The… Continue reading 3.28 – The Second World War & Origins of the Cold War